The Mag2Suite Magento Connector allows you to move data from your Magento web-store to your NetSuite account easily and without the hassle involved in importing and exporting data manually.

When Mag2Suite is activated, all your customers, products and sales orders will be moved to NetSuite automatically and in real-time. No delay and no additional steps are required.

Mag2Suite Magento Connector Features:-

  • Easy: Setting up Mag2Suite is very easy. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to install it and run it.
  • Fully Automated: You don’t have to do anything after setting up Mag2Suite Magento Connector. It runs on auto-pilot.
  • Secure: The Mag2Suite is secure and strictly following the guidelines of Magento to make sure your web store is safe and your data is secure while being moved to NetSuite.
  • 100% Compatible: Mag2Suite Magento Connector is compatible with Magento Community, Professional and Enterprise versions.
  • Real-time Data Movement: There’s no delay when moving the data from your Magento web-store to NetSuite. Records are moved in real-time.
  • Support Available: Technical support is available to help you setup the Magento Connector and help you verify that everything is running as intended. It’s FREE too.
  • Inexpensive: Mag2Suite Magento Connector is inexpensive. Please check the plans below for prices.
  • Trial Available for FREE: You’re not ready to buy Mag2Suite Magento Connector yet? No problem. We offer you a 7-Day No-Obligations Trial for FREE. You can try our solution, and if you don’t like it, just terminate the Trial and you’ll not be charged.


Plans Comparison:-

Feature Silver Gold
Server Shared with other clients VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Server Uptime %99.9 %99.9
Secure Yes Yes
Maintenance automated automated
Jobs Sequential (5 Jobs/min) *Simultaneous (50 Jobs/min)

* the golden plan requires access to a user with concurrent feature enabled in your NetSuite account

Data Protection:-

Mind Vision Consulting (MVC) will NOT store or keep your business data including customer information, sales orders and products information and/or share that data with third parties under any circumstances except in case of trying to diagnose a problem or debug a specific issue that gets reported on that data specifically.

Mind Vision Consulting (MVC) will apply the most recent standard protection methods that are available to protect your data and its servers from any possible threats.

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