Please read the following information carefully, before starting your trial:-

When you click the “Free Trial” button below, you’ll be asked to authorize your payment method (credit card for instance). We will NOT charge you anything.

After the authorization has been confirmed, you’ll receive all the information you need to start your trial by email. You can use that information to configure your Magento server. The email will also include help resources and contacts to our technical support in case you’re having problems figuring out exactly what needs to be done.

After the trial period expires, hopefully, you’ll be satisfied with our service and decide to stay as our client. In this case, we’ll start charging you for the service on monthly basis and based on the plan you’ve chosen.

If however, you decided to end the trial, you can simply follow the instructions in the email we sent you at the beginning of the trial to stop the subscription. This way, your subscription will be terminated and we will NOT charge you anything.

Please check the plans below and decide which one you want to try:

Select a Plan:-

Feature Silver Gold
Server Shared with other clients VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Server Uptime %99.9 %99.9
Secure yes yes
Maintenance automated automated
Jobs Sequential (5 Jobs/min) * Simultaneous (50 Jobs/min)
Price $499.95/month $1,499.95/month

* the golden plan requires access to a user with concurrent feature enabled in your NetSuite account

Check the demo:-

You can check the Mag2Suite demo here.