Thousands of businesses are using Magento as their preferred eCommerce solution and they use NetSuite to handle their backend operations (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning).

The work involved in moving the data or exporting it manually from Magento to NetSuite in order to use NetSuite effectively is tedious, slow and inaccurate. A decision maker will NOT succeed if he’s relying on inaccurate data to make vital steps towards enhancing & developing his business. To make a decision, you need to rely on accurate and current data.

Magento to NetSuite Service is a solution for this exact problem. By using the Magento to NetSuite service or Mag2Suite for short, you can move the data from Magento to NetSuite in real-time.

Mag2Suite is:-

  • Easy to use: installation and configuration is easy.
  • Runs on autopilot: after being installed and configured, it doesn’t require any intervention.
  • Secure: Mag2Suite uses NetSuite’s SSL SOAP web-service to move data to NetSuite.
  • Compatible: Mag2Suite is compatible with Magento Community, Professional and Enterprise versions.
  • Real-time: data will be moved to NetSuite in real-time.
  • Technical support: Technical support is available for FREE.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Trial is FREE.


How does it work?

After Mag2Suite service is installed successfully on your Magento server, the service will notify our servers of every customer, product or order that your web store receives. On your behalf, Mag2Suite service will contact NetSuite through your account and create or update the required data automatically.

Based on the specific plan you’ve selected, Mag2Suite can perform the required jobs sequentially or simultaneously and up to 50 jobs per minute. Check the videos here for more information.

magento to netsuite diagram

Plans Comparison:-

Feature Silver Gold
Server Shared with other clients VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Server Uptime %99.9 %99.9
Secure Yes Yes
Maintenance automated automated
Jobs Sequential (5 Jobs/min) *Simultaneous (50 Jobs/min)

* the golden plan requires access to a user with concurrent feature enabled in your NetSuite account

Data Protection:-

Mind Vision Consulting (MVC) will NOT store or keep your business data including customer information, sales orders and products information and/or share that data with third parties under any circumstances except in case of trying to diagnose a problem or debug a specific issue that gets reported on that data specifically.

Mind Vision Consulting (MVC) will apply the most recent standard protection methods that are available to protect your data and its servers from any possible threats.

Start your Trial:-

Try Mag2Suite for 7 days FREE of charge:-

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Check the demo:-

You can check the Mag2Suite demo here.